Target [EP]

by Dark Nexus

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released November 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Dark Nexus Latvia

Dark Nexus was formed in 27.05.2009.
Band members:
Gatis - Programming, Vocal
Dainis A. - Guitar
Dainis K.- Guitar
Viesturs - Bass, Vocal
Elvijs - Keyboard
Rūdolfs - Drums

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Track Name: Army Of Androids
Army of Androids

The future has come to life, my precious machines, arise!
Go and destroy all in sight, make sure that all that's living dies.
Crush their skulls, tear their limbs, burn their skin to ashes,
Rampage through the night 'till the old world crashes.

Army of Androids march through the vast
They lust for destruction, deforming our trust.

The ones we once created now come to get our heads.

No reason to run, they will catch us anyway,
Turn our living flesh into something decayed.
We will rot in our laboratories, hung in wires,
Monitors reflecting their hideous red eyes.

Enourmous intelect, imperfections deflect,
If we go, they will be back.
Robotic movement to the drum beat,
Nervous, can't eat, feel the defeat as falling to their feet.

We will die. We will die. We will fall by the hand we've created.
Track Name: Crimson Sky
Reflection of the moon
Shows all its glory and I
Am the one who follows blindly
All my writings in the stone
Slowly vanish but they will always
Be in my memory...
Keep those words and spell them right
To awake the one allmighty

Skull of the birds, simbol of wind
Blows the past away...

Grey sky and black seas
The ones I saw in my dream
No longer shall we believe
Awaken from it all, awake...

Every tear you shed fills the crimson sky
Blood rain above my head, those birds cry...

Red sky and blood seas
The ones I saw in my dream
No longer shall we believe
Awaken from it all, awake...
Track Name: Dark Nexus
Eventually I became abandoned
The Soul crashed and my dreams for the future are fucked
My goodness was ignored and my diligence - ridiculed
I feel like im trapped in an electric cage

And suddenly everything freezes
And i hear someone whispering
-Let me take care of you- i hear
-Ill make you stronger than ever-

There is nothing more but darkness behind the precious light
And i will never fall and never be weak again
Cause darknes now keeps me alive
And leads me through the thorns

Don't be afraid and follow me - it says
Let's combine and create dark nexus
You will allways remember that we made a stand
And changed the world around us!
Track Name: Deceiving Truth
''Lord, forgive me for I have sinned'' is the line they always say,
On their knees with hands up high, facing God they all pray.
Shedding blood, doing crime, leading mankind into sickness,
Causing plague, crossing the line, asking God for absolution.

We believe in fairy tales, all that has no evidence,
Thinking all we do is good, but creating pestilence.
How can God forgive our sins, if his presence we don't feel?
There's no hope for those who sin, it's too late for you to heal.

We must unite to fight, fight for the new world
We shall create society where the gods are us ourselves

Are they blind? Do they know? God isn't real, he won't forgive your sins.

Rid this world of mindless followers, who march blindly towards nothing.
Open their eyes, scream in their ears, tell the truth of their deceit.